The Binance Trust Wallet is available on macOS

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Binance sealed a contract with Apple to integrate its Trust Wallet electronic wallet among macOS applications.

Binance conquers the application market

Binance’s portfolio will now be available from Mac App Store applications.

Viktor Radchenko, the team leader of Trust Wallet, reveals that the extension of the project will be done soon with Linux. A collaboration with Windows is also planned, but this ambition will not be realized for soon, faced with the scale of the tasks to be performed.

Indeed, the integration of Trust Wallet on Windows would open a significant market share for Binance, knowing that 75% of cryptocurrency holders use mainly Windows.

At the same time, Binance’s portfolio incorporates several decentralized Exchange Credits (DEXs), including the Kyber Network platform, which specializes in token trading with automatic conversion between them.

About Trust Wallet

The Binance Trust Wallet was created in August 2018, an open source portfolio that advocates the anonymity and decentralization of its transactions.

Since its creation, Binance’s investigations into the management of Trust Wallet have been limited to financial and commercial matters. Its subsidiary is completely independent of decisions concerning the development of technologies used in its services.

Binance DEX users can also benefit from secure trading services on the Trust Wallet. The portfolio currently incorporates Ether (ETH) and tokens ERC-20 , ERC-223 and E RC-721.

What do you think about the extension of Trust Wallet’s offerings on Apple’s apps? Comment in the comment section below.


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