The baby of the year … left behind


DRUMMOND, New Brunswick – The year 2019 started on a very bad note for parents in Drummond, New Brunswick.

After giving birth to her baby in Grand Falls, Stacy Côté had to be rushed by ambulance to Edmundston, New Brunswick to treat bleeding. But the child was left behind.

Stacy Côté was due to give birth in Edmundston, but Tuesday morning, little Olivia showed up faster than expected. Her mother had to stop at the Grand Falls hospital to give birth to her third child.

After a quick but painful delivery, Stacy Côté was transferred by ambulance to Edmundston. The child remained in Grand Falls for part of the day since it was impossible to obtain an ambulance transfer. She was then with her father and grandparents.

She got good care despite the fact that the hospital no longer offers maternity services for several years. Medical staff are therefore not equipped with adequate equipment to care for newborns.

The family expected the baby to reach his mother quickly.

It was finally the grandparents who went to take Olivia back to Edmundston Hospital in the evening. The grandmother confides that riding with a child born a few hours earlier is not easy.

“She cried a lot and you can not take it, you can not stop it. It’s really not well arranged, “says Diane Côté.

The latter has imagined the worst scenarios all along the way. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, but she would have preferred the child to be accompanied by medical staff.

Ambulance New Brunswick involved?

The family is questioning the services of Ambulance New Brunswick. According to the grandmother, there were paramedical workers available in Grand Falls.

She states that they never obtained permission from their superiors to effect the transfer, as the situation was not considered urgent. In addition, the harsh weather conditions would not have helped the cause.

However, even when the storm has calmed down, you can not get transportation. Ambulance New Brunswick has not yet responded to this situation.

The family still highlights the good work of the medical staff and paramedics. They feel that the management of the situation has been lacking.

Mom and baby are doing well. They had to be discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

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