Texas: the photo of her return taken 10 minutes before her tragic death


A nine-year-old girl died tragically only a few minutes after making a photo highlighting her return to school.

Payton Crustner began her fourth year when she died in a car accident while traveling to school around 7:15 am on Tuesday in Rusk County, reports local station KTBS3.

Her 16-year-old brother, who was with her, has been in intensive care since the accident.

Miranda Michelle Clark, 32, was driving with Payton, her brother and a three-year-old passenger in her car when another driver, Marcus Wayne Dukes, 18, stepped on them.

The woman tried to avoid the collision, but without success.

Payton was ejected from the car and declared dead at the scene.

Miranda Clark and her two other passengers were rushed to the hospital.

The three-year-old and the drivers were discharged from the hospital.

The photo showing the 9-year-old girl was taken 10 minutes before the accident that cost her life.

The family has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for funerals.

Friday, more than $ 12,000 had been raised.

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