Tesla mistreated on the stock exchange after a new Elon Musk spree


The course of the automaker Tesla was heckled Monday on Wall Street while a British speleologist who participated in the rescue of children in a Thai cave has threatened to file a complaint against its CEO, Elon Musk, who called him a pedophile on Twitter.

Around 16H30 GMT, the title released 3.39% to 308.06 dollars in a market overall in small decline.

The boss of the US group Tesla and SpaceX indulged in a virulent attack on Vernon Unsworth, after this speleologist called “abortive” shot of Mr. Musk’s failed offer of miniature submarine to help evacuate 12 young footballers trapped in a Thai cave, whose rescue ended on 10 July.

The whimsical billionaire responded on Sunday with a flurry of tweets referring to Mr. Unsworth, whom he did not mention by name, calling him “pedo”, diminutive in English pedophile.

Later, Elon Musk, who has 22 million subscribers on Twitter, added a layer: “I bet a signed dollar that’s true”, before erasing his tweets thereafter.

In an interview with AFP, Unsworth said he did not see the tweets and only heard about them.

Asked about possible lawsuits against Mr. Musk, he said, “If that’s what I think, yes.”

The spelunker added that he would make a decision by returning this week to the UK. But the case “is not over,” he warned.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, James Anderson, partner of Baillie Gifford, one of the largest shareholders of Tesla, said he was going to discuss this new misbehavior of Mr. Musk with the leaders of the company. .

The iconic boss of Tesla is a regular controversy through the social network Twitter, where he often attacks journalists, accused, according to him, too often target his company.

In May, he said he wanted to develop a journal rating platform called “Pravda”.


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