Telegram is banned in Russia


Russian justice has decided to ban Telegram instant messaging. It is the continuation of the file in the long course which poisons the relations between the application and Russia. But maybe not the epilogue.

The case goes back to last year, when the FSB (successor to the KGB) requires Telegram encryption keys that would allow Russian security services to decrypt the messages that pass through the application. Telegram and its founder, Pavel Durov, have always opposed this request, first for a rather simple technical reason: by virtue of the use of a very complex transmission technology, the encryption keys can not be delivered “Turnkey”, if we dare to say.

Keys impossible to give

On a more political level, the platform has always refused to give the private data of its users. ”  Telegram will defend freedom and privacy,  ” even Pavel Durov tweeted. However, the application did not sit idly by the terrorists who use it: the service regularly blocks channels used by Daesh … without this preventing the reappearance of new groups.

Two weeks ago, the Roskomnadzor (the Federal Communications Supervision Service) asked Russian justice to bend the rebel platform . And so she has given right to the FSB in deciding a ban that takes effect immediately. It remains to be seen whether the measure is applicable in practice. Roskomnadzor may force access providers in the country to block access to the app, but this will not change anything for users with VPNs (even if use is prohibited) or who have the opportunity to travel abroad.

So we have not finished this story yet, especially since Telegram still has several calls. The company had already been fined 11,000 euros for refusing collaboration with the FSB last October.

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