Sugary Alcoholic Beverages: Health Canada’s “Deeply Disappointed”

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The measures proposed by Ottawa in its draft regulation on sweetened alcoholic beverages, such as the Four Loko and the FCKD UP, are insufficient, Éduc’alcool said.

The organization believes that the federal government must “stop turning a deaf ear” and on Wednesday issued an ultimate call for proper supervision of special and dangerous drinks.

In this case, Éduc’alcool invites Ottawa to include two provisions in its project that are “absolutely essential”: limit single servings of sweet alcoholic beverages to a single standard glass of alcohol and target only adults with alcohol. packaging and labeling.

Last December, Ottawa unveiled its proposed bylaw that limits the alcohol content of single servings (or single portion) of sweetened alcoholic beverages to one and a half standard glass (1.5), or just over 20 grams of alcohol. alcohol.

Canadians were invited to comment on this draft regulation from December 22 to February 5.

Several serious intoxication cases have been reported in the media during the past year in Quebec. This is the case of the death of Athena Gervais, who drowned while falling in a stream near her high school after drinking FKCD UP.

“If Health Canada wants to prevent other tragic deaths of young people, it needs to amend its regulations. Otherwise, we may fear that there will be other Athena Gervais. And this time, we will not be able to say that we did not know, “said Éduc’alcool general manager Hubert Sacy.

According to Health Canada, a person weighing about 100 pounds who consumes a can of Four Loko or FCKD UP of 568 ml containing 11.9% alcohol by volume in less than one hour may end up with a blood alcohol level. 0.15, which is almost double the legal limit for driving.

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