Submit your SEO questions to Google for upcoming short Q&A videos



Google is asking webmasters and SEOs to submit their short SEO questions so the search giant can begin producing short question-and-answer videos again. Google indicated its plans via a post on Twitter:

The form to submit your questions is available over here. It asks you for “your burning question,” your name, your location and any comments you’d like to add.

When Matt Cutts was Google’s head of webspam, the company published short Q&A videos. But since Cutts left Google, no one else has picked up the practice. It has been over three years, and now, Google wants to start these videos back up again. Maybe Danny Sullivan, who just joined Google, will be producing these, or maybe not.

Google hasn’t been completely video silent recently, though. It does provide several Google webmaster-related hangouts on YouTube, typically an hour long, where Googlers, in many languages, answer questions from webmasters live. But, apparently, short-form videos are making a comeback.

I found the short-form videos to be very valuable for the SEO community, and I am looking forward to their return.


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