Study: cryptocurrency does not meet the conditions for terrorist organizations

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In an offbeat study, RAND Corporation, the US-based policy and decision-making research and policy institution, looked at how terrorist groups perceived cryptocurrencies. According to the analysis, the current state of crypto does not meet the requirements for terrorist use, so it is not viable for these activities.

Anonymity at the heart of terrorism

The RAND Corporation study focuses on “the use of cryptocurrency for terrorist purposes” and discusses “technical and organizational barriers and future threats”.

In this analysis, the entity seeks to test the real opportunity presented by cryptocurrency for terrorists, and ultimately, it concludes that these “technical parameters” do not support the needs of these organizations.

The report indicates that the anonymous, secure and fast nature advocated by the technology remains random for large generalized platforms such as Bitcoin.

If Satoshi’s cryptocurrency saves the largest number of users, its anonymous operation is not ensured and terrorists can not bet on this kind of hazard for their activities.

Other platforms are less popular

As terrorist organizations look for a way to conduct anonymous, secure and reliable transactions, they can easily find platforms tailored to their needs.

However, these do not fulfill the conditions of coverage. For example, crypto-currencies such as Zcach or Dash can meet the demand for anonymity and fluidity but do not have a large mass of users, which limits the ability to finance activities.

That said, the evolution of altcoins outside the regulations could converge towards this demand and this is the reason why many governments are hurrying to find a solution to control the exploitation of crypto-currencies. On this point, RAND states:

“If only one cryptocurrency emerges and offers widespread adoption, better anonymity, improved security and lax or inconsistent regulation, the potential usefulness of this cryptocurrency, as well as the potential to use this crypto by terrorist organizations would increase. “

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