Storms in Japan: the provisional official record rises to 122 dead


The provisional record of the very violent rains that have fallen on Japan, the most serious for more than 30 years, rose Tuesday morning to 122 dead, announced a government agency.

Research continues in the stricken part of the west of the archipelago where there is still no news of dozens of people.

Unprecedented rainfall recorded between Friday and Sunday resulted in terrible floods, mudslides and other major damage that trapped many inhabitants, even though non-binding orders and recommendations to evacuate had been issued to millions of people. people.

A clear sun has returned, but it complicates the relief operations, because of the very strong risks of sunstroke and heatstroke.

Monday, some 73,000 firefighters, police and soldiers, 20,000 more than the day before, were busy on the ground, the disaster spreading to several provinces on sometimes very rough terrain.

The landslides brought with them houses that were completely destroyed by the passage, the mud covered entire neighborhoods, the fury of the waterways came out of their beds and completely drowned entire neighborhoods of towns and villages, rising up to middle of the first floor of the houses, before going back down having ransacked everything, found on the spot journalists of the AFP .

Rainfall records were recorded in 72 hours in 118 observation points distributed in about fifteen prefectures.

Nearly 70% of Japan’s territory is made up of mountains and hills. Many homes are built on steep slopes or flood plains, in short risk areas.

Not to mention that many Japanese houses are made of wood, including, but not limited to, traditional homes in rural areas.

Given the gravity of the situation, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe “has decided to cancel a planned tour starting Wednesday in Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia and Egypt,” to give priority “to the rescue of victims and reconstruction, “the government spokesman said during a press conference.

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