State of emergency in Mattawa: flood forecasts revised upwards


The situation is changing hourly in Mattawa, where the authorities expect the water levels in the Ottawa River and the Mattawa River to rise. Environment Canada is forecasting heavy rain Wednesday night and next night. The total amount could reach 30 to 50 mm of water by the day of Thursday.

In addition, the level of the Ottawa River must rise more than expected.

Mattawa’s general manager, Raymond Bélanger, says that initially the city believed the situation would remain stable on Tuesday.

We just learned that we will receive another 70 cm, which is exactly what we received yesterday. We continue to prepare.

 Raymond Bélanger, General Manager of Mattawa

Mr. Bélanger explains that the Lake Témiscamingo dam, further north, is open at full speed , forcing the Otto Holden dam to allow more water to flow through.

The dam here is automatic, it does its [calculations] from what comes out [of Lake] Témiscamingue, which is very high. […] It’s adjusted so that the eastern part of the province is the least affected. So everyone shares their water amount.

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