Starbucks collaborates with Microsoft to trace its coffee

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Big new partnership for Blockchain

Recognized by large distribution companies as an effective, transparent and fast solution to manage supplies, Blockchain continues to be a hit with big boxes.

Starbucks, a major American coffee chain, is therefore a new customer of this technology and is asking Microsoft to implement the decentralized platform for monitoring its coffee.

Starbucks’ bean to cup initiative was announced in 2018.

It aims to work with farmers in Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda to set up a raw material traceability system from a Blockchain platform.

Microsoft Azure in vogue

Together with IBM’s Food Blockchain, which has allowed large supply chains like Walmart , Carrefour and large corporations like Nestle and Unilever to control their products, Microsoft Azure is gaining notoriety with its Azure Blockchain system.

Recently, its Blockchain as a Service (Baas) service was launched to support Quorum, the Ethereum platform and JPMorgan Chase.

The purpose of this service is to automate and fully manage the networks of the Blockchain consortium, from creation to modification.

Starbucks would therefore take advantage of this technology to explore the opportunities offered by the Blockchain.

At the same time, the company entered into an agreement with Bakkt to accept Bitcoin payments.

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