Spy on your neighbor in the subway, a breeze!

General Information

Thousands of passengers are exchanging messages or making transactions on their phones without wondering if anyone is watching their screen. A computer security specialist, Luc Lefebvre, has been having fun since last week identifying his careless subway neighbors to discover their age, their occupation, the name of the spouse, their children. He even found the coordinates of the young prostitute frequented by a passenger he was watching.

His idea came to him last Thursday. On the orange line, Luc Lefebvre then has the screen of his neighbor left before the eyes. This last exchange of messages with a new attendance which, at a certain moment, confesses to him his love. The lady’s face is illuminated with joy. His eyes sparkle. She has no idea that her emotions distract the passenger next door. “I really need to help people realize the risk of brandishing their screen in the face of complete strangers,” he said to himself.

Luc Lefebvre is one of the co-founders of Crypto.Québec, an organization that raises public awareness about online safety. He is now working for a Crown corporation, protecting the computer system from all kinds of trash: hackers, viruses, Trojans, hostile state entities, and so on. He also collaborated on the guide titled “We see you: how to foil the malicious on the Internet”, which has just been published by Trécarré.

The studious and the party animal

On Friday morning, Luc starts hunting. On the orange line. In ten minutes, he identifies two McGill students who do not know each other:

– Marie. Studious engineering student (all of her conversation groups relate to her field of study). She lives a personal drama that her parents do not know.

– Vlad. Member of a fraternity. Student in economics. He loves the party, as evidenced by many pictures online.

“I traced Marie and Vlad just by seeing the names of their friends and their discussion groups in Messenger and I was able to discover their profiles Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, their birthdates, their cities of birth, their friends , their employers, etc. “


Last Friday night in the subway, Luc identifies Georges, originally from Eastern Europe, who consults his cryptocurrency investments. He holds well-paid positions in a well-known Quebec company. He does not have Facebook, but his wife yes. And she posted pictures of their family there. Crisp detail: Georges frequents a young prostitute with a professional sobriquet evocative (and who writes to him in his account Outlook).

Whether you are an adulteress or not, you may want to keep yourself a little uncomfortable by consulting your private conversations during rush hour. “At worst, get a confidentiality screen that makes it illegible for anyone not considering it directly from the front, suggests Luc Lefebvre. It costs about $ 10. To save her marriage, $ 10 is a bargain! Luc Lefebvre publishes his “catch of the day” in the Facebook group called The time of a subway.

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