South Park: Phone Destroyer will take out your handset later in 2017

General Information


  • The kids of South Park have been making us both laugh and squirm on TV, in the movies and via console and PC games, for over 20 years. Now they are going to invade your handset and make you respect their “authoritah” later this year in Ubisoft’s newly announced South Park: Phone Destroyer.

The game itself is being developed by Ubisoft’s RedLynx studio, and while it shares some of the characters from the publisher’s last South Park console and PC game, The Stick of Truth, it is a stand-alone title. The free-to-play game is in the collectible card strategy game genre. Players will assemble their card decks that feature their favorite South Park characters and face their opponents in PvP matches. It also has the added bonus of having South Park creators  Trey Parker and Matt Stone voicing their characters, along with other members of the TV show’s voice cast.

At the moment, the game is in soft-launch mode. You can download and play an early version from the Google Play Store if you live in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. It will expand worldwide after the soft launch helps the development team fine tune the game.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering: yes, you can kill Kenny in the game.

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