Some recommendations to avoid being robbed during the holiday season

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The holiday season is conducive to theft and break-ins into residences and commercial establishments, remind various police forces. They recommend that people take precautions when traveling to ensure the safety of their property and property.

According to OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, thefts during the holiday season are of concern.

We always talk about “lock it or lose it”. You have to make sure you don’t make yourself an easy target for thieves by locking your house, your vehicle and making sure your property is clean, uncluttered and well lit , says the police officer.

As of December 20, the OPP had identified 10,647 cases of theft of objects valued at not more than $ 5,000 since the beginning of the year in the provincial territories under its supervision.

Among them, there are 4,126 cases of theft of objects inside motorized vehicles, and 2,634 shoplifting.

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt says that while some trends can be detected, no one is entirely safe from theft.

We see these package thieves coming and taking what is delivered by mail. Especially now during the holidays, there are a lot of gifts and thieves might see this as an easy occasion. Our message to people is “be smart”.

Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, Ontario Provincial Police

Some OPP recommendations:

  • Notify neighbors when you go on a trip and leave your house unoccupied.
  • Ask your neighbors to acknowledge receipt of packages that could be sent in his absence.
  • Contact the police if suspicious activity that occurs in the vicinity is detected.
  • Install surveillance cameras outside his business and, if possible, his residence.
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