She gives a kidney to a stranger after reading her Facebook page


A woman decided to give a kidney to a pure stranger after reading messages that touched her on Facebook.

Janie Boulianne Gref has been suffering from kidney failure since September 2015. The kidney transplant had become her only chance of survival, she has to make the dyalise three times a week for three years.

The 33-year-old woman began to tell her story on social networks to inform her loved ones about her health and feelings.

“I thought at first that I had a flu. When the doctors discovered the problem in the fall of 2015, I was a few hours away from dying. It took me urgently to keep me alive, “she said in an interview Friday.

Marie-Ève ​​Cronin, 36, saw one of Ms. Boulianne’s messages in April 2016 when one of her acquaintances “liked” Janie Boulianne’s status.

The two women had never met, but Ms. Cronin started following Ms. Boulianne on Facebook and reading her messages.

“Organ donation has always been very important to me and I knew I was going to do something important about it,” said 36-year-old Marie-Ève ​​Cronin.

A remarkable meeting

In June 2017, the two women met by chance for the first time during a public event. At the end of the evening, Ms. Cronin told Ms. Boulianne that she wanted to give him a kidney because her story inspired her.

“I felt something strong between us,” said Ms. Cronin.

In October 2017, the two women learned that they were compatible for the operation, but that they had to go through a lengthy medical process to make sure the operation was a success.

The operation took place on May 25 and everything went well. Both women are fit.

“It was unreal,” exclaimed Mrs. Boulianne Gref.

When questioned by Le Journal about what she means to thank Ms. Cronin, the transplant was not able to answer. She just looked at the good Samaritan with a lot of emotion.

We try to change her mind

Throughout the process, Ms. Cronin’s relatives repeatedly tried to dissuade her from donating one of her kidneys.

“I did not want to go back [to help Janie], but I thought about it. I was tired of the pressure and to justify myself to others. They did not believe in me and did not want me to do it, “said Cronin.

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