She discovered by chance that she was wanted for prostitution


A woman from Florida, whose identity was stolen by her own heroin sister, accidentally discovered that arrest warrants for prostitution had been issued against her.

Samantha Humienny, 24, was arrested by police in Paterson for prostitution in New Jersey last November.

Instead of giving her real name, she said her name was Jaclyn Humienny, she was 20, she was living in Florida, and she was studying to become a teacher.

According to the authorities, Samantha gave a false identity to police officers twice.

She did not appear in court as she had to, so arrest warrants were issued … against her sister who lives a life in Florida.

Jaclyn Humienny stays away from crime and studies to teach children with disabilities.

In order to teach, she had to go through a criminal background check, and that’s when she found out she was wanted for prostitution, reports

“Having a criminal background would ruin my future career as a teacher,” she told ABC News in an interview .

Heroin addict

Sister father Brian Humienny told NJ Advance Media that his eldest daughter was a heroin addict he had not seen “for years.”

The family moved to Florida more than 10 years ago, he said. A few years later, Samantha, 16 years old at the time, fled and returned to New Jersey.

“We do not blame her for what she did,” said the father.

Brian and his wife, Cynthia, are trying to whitewash Jaclyn’s name since the subpoena.

The family said it was also fighting a $ 4,000 bill sent to Jaclyn after Samantha reported to a hospital emergency and identified herself as her sister.

The police regularly ask for identification when they issue tickets, he said, but if the person has no documents, which, according to the chief, is common in prostitution cases, the officers issue the offense based on the information provided by the suspect.

Knowing the situation, a Municipal Court judge on Tuesday dismissed the pending charges against Jaclyn.

“A write-off of the charges against Jaclyn Humienny will be expedited and the charges will be dropped,” court spokeswoman Peter McAleer said in a statement.

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