Sexually explicit photos: Conservative Tony Clement is kicked out of the party

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A Conservative Party weightlifter who was sextorted was kicked out of the caucus in light of several sexual allegations. A departure that also raises serious issues of national security.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer showed the door to his veteran MP Tony Clement on Wednesday. He is embroiled in a case of financial extortion after sharing sexually explicit images of himself , mistakenly believing that he was dealing with a consenting female recipient.

This would be the first time a member of Parliament has been victim of sextorsion. According to a source close to the case, the fraudsters tried to extract the 57-year-old married man 50,000 euros ($ 75,000). The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has opened an investigation.

“Mr. Clement, at my request, has resigned from our caucus,” Scheer said in the afternoon.

Mr. Clement sat until Tuesday at an ultra-secret committee dealing with national security and intelligence.

Powder trail

The Conservative leader had earlier in the day severely criticized the actions of his MP, but did not demand his departure.

But “serious allegations” of sexual misconduct about Mr. Clement coming to the chief’s attention during the day changed the game.

“I believed him when he told me it was an isolated incident. Since then, many incidents and allegations have been reported, “Scheer said of the controversy surrounding his former MP since Tuesday night.

The sex scandal has indeed quickly grown on social networks, where many women have reported having had uncomfortable reports with Mr. Clement.

“What kind of adult man and parliamentarian would want to chat with a 23-year-old girl at 1am,” Claire McWatt asked on Twitter.

Mr. Clement is known as a follower of Instagram.

National security

Mr. Clement’s participation in a secret national security committee had become a “problem” in light of the revelations, Scheer admitted.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not want to comment on the possible consequences of the Conservative member’s blunder on national security.

Emmanuel Dubourg, a Liberal MP sitting on this committee, argued that the blunder of his former Conservative colleague “is a worrying element”.

A view shared by national security specialist Michel Juneau-Katsuya, given the sensitivity of the information to which members have access.

He pointed out, however, that Mr. Clement reacted in the right way by reporting his misadventure to the authorities.

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