Sentenced for the murder of his former spouse


The man described as aggressive by several witnesses owed $ 6000 to the victim

A man in his fifties was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday for the murder of his former spouse, whose calcined skeleton had been discovered by a roadside five years ago in Montérégie.

It was in the carcass of her burned car, on the edge of Ozias-Leduc Road in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, that Julie Morrisson’s corpse was found by the emergency services on June 30, 2013.

Julie Morrisson

A bundle of items brought Friday the jurors gathered at the courthouse of Saint-Hyacinthe to declare the ex-spouse of the victim, Louis Pelletier, guilty of premeditated murder and outrage to a corpse on the real estate broker of 39 years old.

Louis Pelletier Murderer

$ 6000 debt

Since the sentence is accompanied by an impossibility of release before age 25, Pelletier, who has already carried out four years and nine months of preventive detention, will have to wait more than 20 years before being able to ask for his release.

During the trial, it was established that the man who was 53 years old owed $ 6000 to the victim. He had also made a written pledge to reimburse her no later than July 1, 2013, the day after Ms. Morrisson’s remains were discovered.

Gasoline and lighter

Another damning fact: on a surveillance video dated June 30, 2013, Pelletier could be seen buying a lighter and $ 20 worth of gasoline at a Couche-Tard in Chambly, around 2 am.

The former convenience store clerk in question had indicated that Pelletier had not poured gasoline into his vehicle.

Another witness, Stephanie Boilard, said she heard a heart-rending cry in front of the victim’s home in Otterburn Park a few hours before Ms. Morrisson’s body was discovered a little over a kilometer away.

Ms. Morrisson’s relatives who testified in court described Pelletier as an aggressive, threatening and particularly possessive man.


One of them even explained that he had evoked in front of him the possibility of killing his companion of the time by affirming that it made him “crazy”, and this, only four days before one finds the woman burnt in his car.

A former client of Mrs. Morrisson also described how Pelletier, extremely jealous, had threatened to him to “crunch a volley”.

The defense that had pleaded the absence of traces of DNA or fingerprints linking Pelletier to the crime scene obviously did not convince the jury.

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