See Donald Trump abusing a CNN reporter for a “stupid” question

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 While demanding Friday more “respect” for a White House that he called “sacred”, President Donald Trump has sharply rebuffed a journalist, reproaching him for a “stupid” question.

This gesture of humor comes amidst a deteriorating relationship between Mr. Trump and the media: Wednesday the White House withdrew the accreditation of a CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta , just after he asked questions insistent on the president.

On Friday, journalist Abby Phillip, also a CNN employee, asked Donald Trump if he had replaced his Minister of Justice to take over the very sensitive Russian investigation.

“What a stupid question, that’s a stupid question!” Repeated Mr. Trump without answering. “I look at you a lot. You ask a lot of stupid questions, “he added, pointing to Ms. Phillip.

The president has also put on the backs of journalists the atmosphere of animosity between him and the media.

“When you’re at the White House, it’s a very sacred place for me. It’s a very special place. You must treat the White House with respect. You must treat the presidency with respect, “he asked.


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