Scotland advocates use of Blockchain in public services

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A recent research paper highlighting the benefits of Blockchain technology and distributed general ledger (DLT) in public services has been published by the Scottish Government.

The public sector of Scotland meets the Blockchain

The Blockchain is a must-have bargain for “natively digital” services, according to the Scottish Government. In its report entitled “General  Ledger Technologies Distributed in Public Services” , He provides an explanation of Scotland’s point of view towards this technology. The Blockchain could play a vital role in quickly and securely linking various parts of the public sector and the research conducted by the Wallet Services digital management.

The country should eventually promote a new regulatory framework on the protection of general data. For the moment, DLT leaves something to be desired on the issue of data processing and citizen ownership. Some applications even allow a “privacy by design” credit to control access to sensitive data.

Five “general” recommendations

In order to make an improvement in Scotland’s economy, five global recommendations were presented , aimed at defining a direction for the implementation of the Blockchain.

Government encourages the use of emerging technologies with methods such as the CivTech program or the Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator in academic institutions like the University of Edinburgh.

“He also urges the Scottish Government to promote the use of technology through channels such as the CivTech program, the CodeClan e-skills academy and the new IA and Blockchain accelerator at the University of Edinburgh”, said UKAuthority.

Also, the report suggested the formation of a working group of public sector leaders. He will explore the potential of Blockchain to provide solutions to shared problems. A budget and knowledge base on intercountry adoption of DLT will be awarded on the recommendation of the group.

In the same vein, large companies such as DAG Global, Deep Knowledge and Big Innovation Center have published a report stating that the UK is on track to become an international hub dedicated to the Blockchain.

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