Satisfaction of US customers would be a priority for the Tron network

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While the fear of the disappearance of TRX, the native cryptocurrency of the Tron network in the United States is increasingly felt by the crypto-community, Justin Sun, the founder of the network, was reassured by the crypto-followers that this problem will soon be solved.

The followers of the TRX complained

The crypto-community was alarmed by the absence of TRX on the list of 30 crypto-assets selected by the crypto-stock exchange Binance in the United States.

A Twitter user nicknamed TronSpark wrote:

“It’s better for Tron to be on this list or on Coinbase ASAP. We all love Tron, but we also need a place where US citizens can trade TRXs. “

Justin Sun, reacted to these complaints by answering:

” Yes ! This is our number one priority now. We already have a full team including my dedicated person on this issue. We will do all this very quickly. “

Several advances are yet to come

Sun would have taken the opportunity to apologize to his supporters of this delay.

He also promised to offer a solution on the subject by the end of the year while assuring them that the cryptocurrency would be accepted by more crypto-American stock exchanges.

For now, the TRX is only available on two compliant crypto-trading platforms in North America, including Bittrex and eToro.

In addition, the Tron network has just experienced an important event. He has recently released a first version of its scalability solution known as Sun Network. It would pave the way for 100x scalability and the creation of decentralized applications on side blockchains.

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