Sale at a loss in XRP: hundreds of crypto-users sign a petition

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Outraged by the dumping policy of Ripple Labs, hundreds of owners of XRP have rallied their voices to denounce price manipulation.

We must stop the sale at a loss of Ripple

More than 1600 signatures have been collected since the launch of the XRP Stop Sales petition. Indeed, the current owners of XRP complain about an excessive diet of the market with derisory prices causing the price to fall to 0.5 or even 0.3 dollar.

Indeed, the company has decided to throw out a large part of its stock of tokens since 2017 by selling billions of assets, which has not failed to cause the consequent deflation of the price.

A petitioner mentions:

“Every day, there’s good news … a new bank or partnership has been announced, but [Ripple Labs] still manages to continue dumping.”

Prices plummet for XRP

Investors apparently do not understand Ripple’s policy, which seems stable compared to other altcoins. Indeed, the behavior of the leaders of the company is obscure knowing that 2.5 billion dollars have been sold since 2017 causing a surliquidity.

In 2019, the seers turn to the reds as $ 250 million in revenue was collected at the base of the XRP sold at a price much lower than the market in just 3 months.

“The only logical explanation is that Ripple is throwing at us. And no small quantities either. Literally billions. We’ve seen the reports of these people divulge this, so it’s a fact, “sums up an XRP user.

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