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Ross Ulbricht

Who is Ross?

He is an Eagle Scout, who loves nature and the wilderness.

He was an academic honors student and scholarship recipient.

At the Nanotech Institute at UT Dallas, he worked on the Organic Solar Cell project to develop advances in solar energy. He is the author of scientific publications on the subject.

His graduate research at Penn State also benefited humanity, through the creation and development of oxide thin films for use in technology.

He was a business owner (Good Wagon Books) who donated 10% of his gross earnings to Explore Austin, a group that mentors inner city youth; and donated leftover books to Inside Books, a prison literacy program.

He has consistently contributed to charitable efforts, including Well Aware, a project to bring clean drinking water to poor families in Kenya.

He is a beloved son, grandson, brother and cousin who is close to his parents and extended family and has the total support of all of them.

He is friend to many, and inspires loyalty and support. People he hasn’t seen in years have stepped up to contribute bail pledges, defense funds and character letters.

He is playful, fun, and sociable, with a great sense of humor.

He is peace loving and would never condone violence.

He is movie star handsome, yet humble and unpretentious.

He is friendly and treats everyone with respect and kindness, regardless of their station, age, income or cool factor.

He is generous and helpful, there when you need him, always with a good attitude.

He is kind and compassionate, to both people and animals.

He is highly intelligent, yet never talks down to anyone.

He is idealistic and motivated to help people. A philosopher with high standards.

He is a man of integrity, impeccably honest and trustworthy. His word is as good as gold.

He is not motivated by money, and has lived a simple life with modest possessions. Most recently he shared a house with three roommates who became his close friends, hosted his parents, visited him in jail and testified on his behalf at trial.

If you knew Ross, you would like him. Everybody does. As people who know this man we caution you: do not believe everything you read!



Ross Ulbricht, a peaceful 32-year-old, was given a sentence of double life without parole for all non-violent charges for his alleged role in the Silk Road website. No victim was named at trial.

Silk Road was a “dark web” site, based on a libertarian philosophy of a free market, where people the world over could trade bitcoin for a variety of goods, not all of them legal.

The investigation, trial and sentencing are rife with government corruption, abuse, and violations, including:

Warrantless seizure of Silk Road server: It is still not determined if this was the result of illegal government hacking.

Corrupt federal investigators hidden from jury: While working for the DEA, Secret Service and NSA, two federal agents stole over $1 million from the site while investigating it. They had unfettered access to the site and server, with the ability to tamper unreservedly. They are now in prison, while the extent of the corruption remains undisclosed.

Defense cross examination repeatedly curtailed or denied at trial.

Defense witnesses blocked from testifying.

Unproven, uncharged, unconvicted allegations of murder-for-hire were used to deprive Ross of bail; prejudice the jury; justify a draconian life sentence; and are included in the government’s reply in the appeal.

4th Amendment violations: Illegal general warrants and warrantless pen traps were used in the investigation.

Sentenced to double life without parole + 40 years for all non-violent charges.

Newly discovered evidence tampering: Proof that evidence in the case was tampered with was announced by Ulbricht’s legal team in late November, 2016. In addition, evidence was unearthed that someone using the DPR account logged into the Silk Road forum seven weeks after Ross was arrested.

Case now in appeal: Ross and his defense team are challenging several violations. At stake are, among other issues, due process rights and fair trials; important precedents impacting 4thAmendment rights, privacy and sentencing.


The Ross Ulbricht Legal Defense effort is a group of family, friends and supporters who are working to free Ross Ulbricht from a barbaric, double life sentence for all non-violent charges. Our mission is to have Ross be a free man again and give him the chance to make a contribution to his community and society.

Our aim is not only to help Ross, however. By living through this ordeal, and getting to know other families and inmates in prison, we have learned that Ross is not unique in how he was investigated, tried or sentenced. We have seen firsthand how the US constitutional protections are being eroded. We hope that by shining a light on the plight of multiple thousands of people caught in the US criminal justice system, and sounding a warning about diminishing freedoms, we can help move the US back toward being a more just, humane and free nation again.

In addition to funding Ross’s appeal and gaining his freedom, we are focused on the following issues:

  • The right to a fair trial, a bulwark of our liberty.
  • Draconian sentencing practices, so common in the US justice system.
  • Mass incarceration in the US.
  • The expensive, cruel and failed Drug War.
  • The right to privacy and threats to the 4th Amendment and other US constitutional protections.
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Dangerous precedents set with the Silk Road case.

Our supporters come from all over the world and all walks of life, ages and political persuasions. They are people who see past the sensationalism that has clouded the case to the importance of larger issues that it will impact.

This information is from website.  This articles is to support him and to show the government corruption!


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