Ripple’s Director of Technology (CTO) Recommends Using XRP at Amazon and Uber

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According to David Schwartz, the technical director at Ripple, the largest companies around the world should be able to take advantage of the use of crypto-currencies and Blockchain, especially the XRP which is now an excellent way to cross-border instant payment.

Ripple: a profitable, transparent, fast-moving currency

Ripple’s CTO prompted several companies to use virtual currencies during his speech at the WeAreDevelopers conference in Berlin, Germany.

Schwartz believes that world-renowned giants like Amazon , Seagate, Airbnb and Uber can advantageously take advantage of Blockchain in an ingenious way provided they accept crypto-currencies as a daily payment method.

They could then achieve more ambitious goals by introducing their customers to the use of the Ripple (XRP).

Reliable, efficient and fast, virtual currencies have all the qualities to please traders around the world.

Given the significant investment by companies for payroll employees, this amount could be used in a different, smarter way.

The Blockchain eliminates third parties while ensuring a secure, immutable, transparent and fast transfer of funds.

“We have arrived at what is technically a form of federated Byzantine agreement that we call consensus, which is faster and less expensive than proof-of-work. According to the results, the XRP is a decentralized digital asset that is not connected to any jurisdiction, that moves faster and cheaper than Bitcoin. And I would say that it is also more resistant to censorship and has some of the decentralization properties we want. And this has resulted in low costs, low fees, and high transaction volumes with low latency, “said Shwartz.

A long road to innovation

Ripple works in collaboration with more than 200 companies around the world . The company makes a point of associating with banks and financial institutions with innovative solutions like XCurrent and XRapid .

Having created a solid bridge between the traditional financial industry and the cryptocurrency industry, Ripple is pleased with its efforts and continues its momentum.

Nevertheless, Shwartz highlights two main obstacles to the general adoption of cryptocurrencies: the lack of education and awareness and the resistance of global regulators.

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