Right social network accepts Bitcoin payments

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Known as the social media network of the far right and anti-censorship, GAB announces the arrival of Bitcoin and allows users to directly exchange crypto-funds within its platform.

Social media introduces BTC transactions

GAB is not the most recognized social platform in the world but knows how to get noticed through its preferences for the right . Created to host the comments of the libertarians, GAB was launched to counter the bans made by twitter, which refuses to introduce the rather crude remarks of some activists.

In the midst of these tumults, GAB announces the introduction of the BTC in its platform, always in this spirit of liberalization of opinions for the right. In its statement, the media said: “No one can literally exclude our new crypto-shop … no one, be it the banks, the media, the activists, the mobilisations online”.

Therefore, the new payment system will be based on a specific program: Btcpay. It is a payment processor that allows you to transfer and exchange BTC without fees or intermediaries.

GAB ousted by large corporations

In a general context, GAB is not a social network acclaimed by the socialist community, and the launch of BTC payments via Btcpay reflects a kind of rebellion against the big corporations who decided to oust it, like Paypal , Medium or Stripe.

The reason for this isolation, however, is not insane because GAB has in its community controversial personalities – by the left – such as Richard Spencer, Alex Jones Milo Yiannopoulous.

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