Researchers spot flaws in Switzerland’s Scytl e-voting solution

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The electronic voting system presented by Scytl (Barcelona) for Swiss suffrage has been recognized as failing by security researchers. They have identified “loopholes” that could lead to “undetectable vote manipulation” in the structure.

Flaws that can skew the elections

Sarah Jamie Lewis, Olivier Pereira and Vanessa Teague , are security researchers who have studied the operation of Scytl’s electronic voting system for use in Swiss elections.

In their analyzes, the platform would present loopholes that open a path to manipulation because of the “mix” of encrypted electronic votes.

These errors were discovered in 2017, according to SwissPort .

“However, the technology partner Scytl, who is responsible for the source code, has not completely corrected the problem. Swiss Post regrets it and asked Scytl to immediately make the full correction, which it has done now, “says the media.

A loophole that benefits a system administrator

In addition to the flaws in voting management, analysts also foresee a risk of diversion from a system administrator, or a hacker who would have the opportunity to access it.

In the article named “the use of backdoor pledging in the Bayer-Forth evidence and the consequences for the verification of the Scytl-SwissPost Internet voting system”, they stated “that a director or provider of Malicious software … could manipulate the votes and produce a transcript of the test. “

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