Proud Quebec publication deemed too violent by Facebook


A publication on the Facebook page “Québec Fier” funded by a pro-conservative group in English Canada was censored by the social network, which considered the image too violent against Justin Trudeau.

The photo montage in question is actually shot from a scene of the erotic thriller “Knock Knock”, in which actor Keanu Reeves is buried in the sand, his mouth tied, in panic looking at his cell phone.

If he is so emotional, it is because on his mobile phone, he sees Prime Minister Trudeau say “thank you for this second term!”: A change in the image of the film by the directors of “Québec Fier” in the purpose of communicating a political message in a humorous tone.

Except that Facebook does not hear laughter. The publication, which went live on October 2, was censored by social media because it broke its rules, reported Maclean’s magazine.

“The announcement was denied in accordance with our sensational content advertising rules, which state that ads must not contain excessively violent content,” said Facebook Canada’s Facebook Communications Officer Erin Taylor. Maclean’s. “

A viral image

The photo is always visible on the “Québec Proud” page. It can still be shared, but administrators can no longer pay so that it slips into the Facebook thread of a large number of Internet users.

Nicolas Gagnon, director of communications for Québec Fier, defended the publication of his group.

“About 108,000 Quebeckers have seen it and it has 1,700 likes, 1,700 shares and comments are favorable. It has more than 16,500 reactions, “he told Maclean’s.

The people behind Proud Quebec have decided not to challenge Facebook’s decision, preferring to put money on their other publications to boost their popularity on the social network.

These humorous images, commonly called “memes”, are indeed regularly relayed by “Québec Fier”, as well as the other four Facebook pages funded by the Manning Center.

Funded by a pro-conservative organization

Founded by former Reform Party leader Preston Manning to promote right-wing ideas in Canada, the Manning Center is contributing $ 312,450 to these five groups, according to Elections Canada’s archives.

Troy Lanigan, president of this conservative network, said however that the Manning Center did not participate at any time in the creation of shared content on these pages.

“They are independent. We have no editorial control. We do not have to agree with them about everything. We are convinced that they create intelligent content, which is a bit squeaky and attracts attention, “he added.

Questionable ways of doing things

This is not the first time that there has been controversy surrounding some of their “memes”, in which Justin Trudeau is regularly portrayed as a racist and a hypocrite.

Last Friday, a caricaturist from Halifax complained that one of his works was used without his permission for political purposes on one of his pages.

In addition to Québec Fier, the Manning Center financially supports the creators of the “Canada Strong and Proud”, “NL Strong”, “NS Proud” and “Proudly New Brunswick” pages.

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