PR manager leaves Facebook


The head of public relations Facebook announced Wednesday leave office, while the social network tries desperately to fight a flood of almost permanent scandals for more than two years.

Caryn Marooney, who does not yet have a successor, worked for eight years with the American giant but thinks it was “time to return to (his) roots” while adding “more than ever faith in Facebook”, according to the text she published Wednesday on her page.

“Now that Nick Clegg is in place, it seemed like it was the right time to start the transition,” she said.

The former British vice-premier announced in October that he would join Facebook to help the US internet giant fix its scandal-stricken image without specifying its exact functions.

Facebook’s communication and public relations services have been the subject of more departures in recent months, without officially knowing whether they were volunteers or not and their specific reasons, such as Eliott Schrage, in charge of global communication. of the group.

Faced with an incessant cascade of scandals and criticism (personal data, proliferation of false information and manipulation of all kinds, piracy ….) but also a slowdown in its growth, Facebook is, at 15, a turning point of its history.

“There are so many good things happening on Facebook (…) every day. And when it comes to challenges, we have roadmaps and the right people to work on, “says Marooney, echoing the now-usual words of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook boasts 2.3 billion active monthly users worldwide.

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