Police forces reportedly obstructed the work of the EIB


Police forces in the province reportedly hindered the work of the Bureau of Independent Investigations (EIB), revealing letters written by director Madeleine Giauque. The Montreal police are particularly pointed at.

One of the letters, dated September 4, states that the Police Service of the City of Montreal (SPVM) did not respect the precedence of the EIB to collect evidence and that it would be a question of a problem that is “usual”.

The new SPVM leader, Martin Prud’homme, at the SPVM head office in Montreal, Wednesday, December 20, 2017. DARIO AYALA / QMI AGENCY

“This undermines the credibility of the EIB’s investigation, in that the witnesses are met by the SPVM even before the police have submitted their reports to the EIB,” writes Madeleine Giauque to the director of the corps. Montreal police, Martin Prud’homme.

Rights organizations of the person got 10 letters from M me Giauque through the Law of Access to Information and published them today. The letters are addressed to the management of the Quebec police force. Of these, five are directed at the SPVM.


“These letters addressed to the SPVM, the Laval police, the SQ and the Kativik Regional Police Force report serious shortcomings on the part of these police forces to the EIB’s Investigation Conduct Regulations. “, Has risen in a statement Alexander Popovic, spokesman for the Coalition against police repression and abuse.

The League of Rights and Freedoms, Montreal’s Assistance Network for Individuals and the Homeless, the Coalition Against Police Repression and Abuse, and the Central Council of Metropolitan Montreal demand, among other things, that the police officers concerned be sanctioned.

They would also like the new Minister of Public Security Geneviève Guilbault to carry out “a revision of the EIB, in order to provide Quebec with an effective and credible investigation mechanism that meets the expectations of the population.”


In a letter dated September 6, Madeleine Giauque says she is “perplexed about the structure in place at the SPVM” when investigations must be sent to the EIB, concerning an event that occurred on July 6, 2017.

“I admit that you are concerned by this situation, which seems to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge of the obligations of the Police Act on this subject,” she wrote, while pointing out to Director Prud’homme that he “frequently arrives several hours pass before the EIB is notified of an event.

Young man shot

Last week, the family of Nicholas Gibbs, a 23-year-old man who was shot dead by police two months ago in Montreal, filed a civil lawsuit of more than $ 1 million against the City of Montreal.

A first letter was then unveiled, where Madeleine Giauque demanded “that the SPVM immediately cease to meet with witnesses, be they police or civilian, in the independent investigations in which it is involved and to demand that the SPVM police respect the entire Survey of Investigations Regulations of the Bureau of Independent Investigations “.

me Giauque noted that the SPVM “is the only police force to do so throughout the province.”

The inspector at the Communications Division of the SPVM assured last week at Le Devoir that this practice had ceased upon receipt of this letter.

When Le Journal asked the SPVM on Monday to react to the publication of these new letters, we were told that no interview would be granted.

More details to come …

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