Pitbull owner selling ecstasy with her 3-year-old granddaughter


She pleaded guilty to drug trafficking a few months before her dog attacked four children

Attached to her cell phone, Frances Richardson did not want to comment on the case yesterday.
The grandmother who owns the dog who attacked several children in Montreal North is a drug dealer who did not hesitate to sell ecstasy in the presence of his granddaughter.

“When a double agent came to her house to buy drugs, it was a three-year-old girl who opened the door,” explained the Crown when Frances Richardson pled guilty to drug trafficking, earlier this summer, as the Le Journal has just learned   after discovering the existence of this trial.

The 62-year-old grandmother was scheduled to return to the courthouse yesterday afternoon to argue her sentence, but the case was postponed until next month.

Frances Richardson is the owner of the animal (a cross between a bulldog and a pitbull dog) who was unleashed against four children on August 19th.

A four-year-old girl was bitten in the head and a seven-year-old boy, who also suffered the wrath of the 31-kilogram hammer, almost lost an arm.

The animal that savagely attacked and injured children is a cross between a bulldog and a pitbull dog.

She knew

When the grandmother welcomed the molosse, the day before the tragedy, she knew that she was in danger because she had pleaded guilty to drug trafficking three months earlier.

The police investigation began last year following an anonymous call for the sale of drugs in a housing on Boulevard Saint-Michel, Montreal North.

In August 2017, a double agent was dispatched to the site to verify the information. When the policeman knocked on the door, he was surprised to see a toddler open it.

“Ms. Richardson arrived, the officer asked for pills, it took a while, but he was able to buy four,” said the woman’s guilty plea. The officer claims that the woman’s granddaughter was present during the transaction. “

It is not clear if the granddaughter is the same as the one bitten by the dog nine days ago.

A week later, another double agent went to Frances Richardson’s home to buy other ecstasy pills. Richardson’s son opened the door this time.

A few days after the attack on August 18, children’s toys still littered the backyard of Montreal North housing, where the dog went wild.

Prison sentence

“He said [to the officer] that she would arrive later and when she arrived, the officer was there, and they went back into the house,” he was summed up, pointing out that the double agent could buy two pills for $ 20.

The grandmother was later charged with drug trafficking.

By pleading guilty, she is liable to life imprisonment, even if she has no criminal record.

Following the dog’s attack last week, however, new charges may be laid, as the Montreal police are investigating whether Richardson has been negligent.

By welcoming the beast home, Richardson had been warned by the former owner that the animal had already bitten another dog and that she had to put a muzzle on permanently.

Like a toy

According to our information, the day of the tragedy, she had however removed, since the dog behaved well. This is where the animal attacked the children. He would have first seized Richardson’s granddaughter by the skull with her teeth to shake her like a toy and then drag her into the house. He then jumped on the boy so much that the child could lose his arm.

It is a neighbor who managed to shovel the animal to let go.

At the request of the Montreal police, the euthanasia of the dog has been postponed, at least until the Crown decides whether criminal charges should be laid in this case.

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