Peru stops 10 alleged members of a WhatsApp group of child pornography


The Peruvian police on Tuesday arrested 10 people suspected of belonging to an international network of active child pornography on the WhatsApp application, and directed from the United States.

“Ten Peruvian nationals who were part of an international network of child pornography were arrested in Lima”, Tuesday morning, in four districts of the capital, announced to the press the colonel Orlando Mendieta, of the investigation group against cybercrime . 

Those arrested were members of a Whatsapp instant messaging service called PERUCHITOS XXX CP, which was used by 170 people from several countries in the Americas. 

“The account administrator is in the United States. We are working in coordination with Interpol to stop it, “said Mendieta. 

According to the police, users wishing to be members of this Whatsapp group had to send pornographic images and videos to the administrator every week. Some 34 Peruvians are involved in this network. 

By 2018, Peru had already dismantled an international child pornography organization that operated from Colombia.


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