Pascal Gauthier of Ledger: Sales doubled after Binance’s hacking

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While Binance recently resumed its crypto-trading activities following the hacking  that cost it $ 40 million, two weeks ago, it seems that this incident was significant for the crypto-community. Sales of cryptocurrency and security hardware and software by the French company Ledger have reportedly increased by 100%.

Growing fears

Although the accident has already been resolved by the adoption of new security measures, it seems that users are still worried about the security of their funds.

Pascal Gauthier , CEO of Ledger, insisted during the Atomic Swap conference held in New York, that the security breach of Binance led to the duplication of the sale of its products.

“Binance got hacked and the day Binance got hacked, our sales doubled.”

The character has preferred to be silent about the figures relating to this announcement.

Focus on security

Although this incident underscores the fact that crypto-industry is still relatively young, Gauthier was still in favor of the industry at the conference, calling it a very interesting technology.

Hence, the need to secure trade as well as the retention of private keys holders.

“We believe that security must be ensured and we are very excited about creating a layer of security for the sector,” he said.

He also pointed to the enormous challenge of securing this sector as it continues to grow and attract cybercriminals.

Do you think that the growing concern of the crypto-community as to the safety of their assets is to be? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

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