Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crypto News

Acorn: crowdfunding for everyone!

Acorn Collective puts the blockchain at the service of entrepreneurs and start-ups so that they can find funding. Acorn wants to make crowdfunding more accessible, more transparent and thus more attractive. Crowdfunding within everyone’s reach It is a huge and growing market in the West, but this is not the case in developing countries where this type of […]

The AFM doubts the conformity of investments in cryptocurrencies and regulations in force

The Netherlands Financial Markets Authority (AFM) raised serious doubts about the compliance of cryptocurrency entities with licensing regulations. A reasonable doubt about compliance with existing laws The regulator sent  a letter to cryptocurrency enthusiasts by mentioning the risks associated with the market: “The AFM is seriously doubtful in part because of the dangers and risks associated with cryptocurrencies […]

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