Over 550 pages and 250 deleted accounts, Facebook censored before the US elections

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This has been virtually buzzing in the United States: the most popular centralized social network announces that it has just removed 251 accounts and close 559 pages for non-compliance with its regulations. In the run-up to mid-term elections in the United States, Facebook no longer wants to be accused of influencing a vote – (ironically this censorship will tend to influence it).

Non-compliance with laws governing Facebook

To avoid getting the wrath of American jurisdiction on freedom of speech and to start long debates about what is wrong or wrong, Facebook has been careful to clean only those who break its rules .

Between the 550 pages and 250 targeted accounts, “many used fake or multiple accounts with the same names and displayed massive amounts of content on a network of groups and pages to drive traffic to their websites,” Nathaniel describes. Gleicher, responsible for the company’s cybersecurity policy, and Oscar Rodriguez, Facebook product manager.

These actors presented their information as the most relevant (inflating their number of views or “likes”) when they were not really, which intentionally misled people.

No longer be accused of influencing votes

Suspected of spreading false information in 2016, during the US presidential campaign, the social network no longer wants to be the tool of the actors who propagate political content.

Facebook did not name in its blog pages and accounts it deleted, but several media reported that they included groups on both sides of political parties in the US, which ultimately proves that society really wants to be no longer associated with this universe in general and that it is not in favoritism.

Among the pages currently inaccessible on Facebook are: Dean James III% “,” Reverb Press “on the left,” Right Wing News “,” Snowflakes “and” Nation in Distress “on the far right. Compared to the latter, it seems that she has, according to them:

  • Pushed a conspiracy from false information sites
  • Brings back an old Clinton conspiracy
  • Republished Russian propaganda

This summer, Facebook had already deleted 32 accounts from its platform, as well as its Instagram application. Twitter had done the same for about fifty accounts, accused of misinformation.

An abuse of centralization

Centralized organ, Facebook has the right to life and death of the pages and groups that the network hosts. Following this purge, a company has already announced the need to put employees out of work.

During the particularly aggressive election campaign, conservatives and democrats accused each other of broadcasting Fake News. Out of 200 US media, 196 had clearly supported candidate Clinton.

For projects using a Blockchain, the TrustedNews extension for the Chrome browser tries to remedy the spread of false information.

What do you think of Facebook removing such a large amount of accounts and pages at the risk of limiting the flow of information? Comment in the comments section below!

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