Out of 250 millions sperm YOU MADE IT!



Your a WARRIOR right from the seed. You had to be strong with your head up. You obviously had a goal and never give up. You had to think and strategize your way threw 249 millions of other sperm. You had to be extraordinary to succeed. YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR STORY right from the start.

Now you know your history, why not use it for your advantage. Take control of your mind, of your health and where your energy is spent on. Find your goals, write down a strategy and go for it.  Use this internet to is potential. You are lucky to have such a wide variety of information at the tip of your finger. Before internet you needed to find books. It’s like having 250 millions of heads together. First find out what you want your story to be like. Yes! You create your story. Whatever life throws at you, you decide how you react, what moves you make and how long you dwell on it.

You are born in this amazing machine that is made to not get sick if manage correctly and can repair itself if given the proper solutions. This machine is your only vessel till the whatever next step is. You are the only one that can take care of it. Unfortunately at first you have little control and others will make decisions for you. Your vessel called your body probably got injected with something that compromised your immune system and broke connection in your brain. Also, not everyone comes out with loving caregivers and even if they are you didn’t get here with instruction. You probably went to school and learned nothing about how to take care of your body and mind. But now that you are here, you obviously have control. So don’t wast it staying in a petty train. Take what you have learn from the pass and live in the present moment.

Following the crowd is not how you made it into the human life, so why do so today. Yes, conventional doctors are the most popular kind of doctors. There’s big hospital with them all in there. Does that make them the best persons to take care of you when they haven’t learn either how to take care of your body and mind. The reason I say so is because after I did my own research, I’ve learn more about how to take care of my body and mind then any visit to the conventional doctors. I’ve succeeded to get over depression and take control of my mind. There’s plenty of survivor stories talking about how they cure cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism and many other illness that conventional doctors had nothing to do with it. Some stories have herbalist doctors, nutrition doctors or natural path doctors to help them and lifestyle changes needed to be made.

Your mind is so powerful. Use it! Have you ever heard, “Control your mind, control the world! 

I find this so true. You think positive, you’ll get positive. You think negative, you get negative. You can’t find a solution to any problem if you sit there in a negative mind. You can’t solve a argument without controlling your tone and words. You can’t get result without motivation. You can’t get healthy and happy without finding out what makes you healthy and happy!

From the Happy Lady, who’s mission is to help you find your happy, healthy self! 

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