Ottawa resident blocks weeks at home by snow


Ottawa police rescued an elderly man who was stuck for several weeks in his home by the snow accumulated in his driveway and around his home.

Called by worried neighbors on their return from Florida vacation, police in the Canadian capital said in a series of tweets that they “found on the scene the snow of a whole winter accumulated in the entrance” of the house and no trace of life or footsteps “in the snow.  

After forcing their way into the house and fearing the worst, the police found the man “alone and alive.” He told them that “after being blocked by the snow, he had spent the winter subsisting on what he had in the pantry,” rationing himself and eating canned food.   

The officers then worked to clear the snow, which took them an hour and a half to work and reinforcement of a city excavator to clear the blocks of ice that had formed.   

The Canadian capital has accumulated more than two meters of snow since the beginning of winter, including more than 30 centimeters during a snowstorm in mid-February that forced the authorities to close the schools.   

The man, who was not identified to respect his private life, would be sexagenarian or in his seventies, according to local media and considered by his neighbors as a recluse fleeing contacts and leaving very rarely, mainly at night.   

The police did not say how long he was stuck. But according to local media, his confinement lasted several weeks.   

The police reported providing him with provisions and asking the appropriate services to ensure his well-being in the future. They also called in a final tweet the population to remember “to regularly take news of your neighbors” ps / sl / leo   

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