Ontarian denounces Eric Trump for using his son’s photo


Jeremy Rupke, a hockey coach from Barrie, north of Toronto, denounces a member of the Trump family for using a photo of his son in a micromessage aimed at attacking the president’s opponents.

Mr. Rupke believes that Donald Trump’s son, Eric, was disrespectful when he added a four-year-old image of Mason Rupke to a recent Twitter attack on Democrats.

Left-wing politicians in the United States have intensified their criticism of the president in recent days, after he told four US Congressional women from visible minorities to return home .

This prompted Eric Trump to compare his father’s rivals to inexperienced hockey players.

Watching the Democrats reminds me of pee-wee hockey – it’s funny, it does not make any sense and they do not know how to do it.

Eric Trump

To illustrate his point, Mr. Trump used a screenshot of a video of little Mason playing hockey.

Jeremy Rupke does not believe he has the right to insist on asking Eric Trump to remove the image, but he feels that the president’s son made a bad taste choice .

Mr. Rupke and others also pointed out that children playing hockey in Mason’s age range are not pee-wee, a reserved designation in Ontario for players aged 11 and 12.

If you knew anything about hockey, you would understand that this kid is way too young to be a Pee-Wee, a Twitter user told the president’s son. So what you report is false news!

He did not even choose a child from the United States , another Internet user laughed.

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