Okex deletes 40 trading pairs from its platform!

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Okex, the third most popular crypto-stock exchange in the world, has announced that its platform will eliminate 40 pairs of trading following the 28 other pairs that were withdrawn for lack of performance. This large household is scheduled for October 31 and apparently the list includes crypto-currencies low in transaction volume and liquidity.

Okex reviews its performance

Okex is simply 450 million dollars of cryptocurrency exchanged in 24 hours with more than 400 pairs implemented in its platform. Susceptible on its performance, the company decided to revise the list of crypto-currencies it manages to detect those that are losing momentum.

For Andy Cheung, Chief Operating Officer of Okex:

“Cleaning is necessary. Our greatest responsibility is to ensure a robust ecosystem for the growth of our projects and the best environment […] for our users. To this end, many trading pairs will be screened for performance issues, because with 400 chips, some of them offer poor results. “

What consequences for users

Of course, this purge will lead to the eradication of some cryptocurrencies and disadvantage their users accordingly . To warn customers, Okex mentioned that the removal criteria were based on low performance platforms in terms of trading volume and that pending orders will be canceled.

“Users must cancel their order of the pairs [ed .: trading orders] assigned from our platform. If your order is not canceled on time, it will be canceled by the system and your assets will be credited to your trading account, ” says the platform.

In his household, Okex does no favors to currency pairs regardless of their origins and notoriety. Tokens listed below the delisting threshold will be removed directly from the platform.

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