Off for four years


A couple and three daughters go to sea on Sunday for a four-year adventure

A father from Quebec City, who himself traveled around the world sailing with his parents 30 years ago is about to relive the same great journey that will last at least four years with his lover and their three daughters.

“We are doing this trip to enjoy life with our children. I think we were born under a lucky star, but let’s take advantage of it, because we do not know what can happen to us, “says Jean Legault, 39, who was initiated into sailing at an early age on Lake Saint-Jean.

The sailing enthusiast assures that he never had the goal of reproducing with his own children the trip he made between the ages of 7 and 11 years.

For a long time, the couple had been thinking of leaving for a year. But little by little, opportunities arose and the stars simply aligned themselves when the decision was made last year to leave Quebec for four years.

All let go

The contractor sold its office equipment firm, which it had founded 10 years ago. “This is what allows us financially to make this trip,” he says.

His wife, Julie Savard, 35 years old, made the big decision to leave her job as associate lawyer in a private practice.

They recently said goodbye to their home, which they rent for the duration of the trip.

The big start is Sunday. The family consisting of Victoria, almost 7 years old, as well as Marine and Alizé, twin 4 year old, will cast off at the marina of Sillery aboard the Character, their 41-foot sailboat, to achieve this dream, “a trip they see as a beautiful challenge.

“We are well prepared”

The couple, who intends to stop at several destinations on their route, share confidently. “I think the secret is preparation,” said M me Savard.

The duo has no fear for his three daughters. Accustomed to sailing with them on the river since birth, they “love” to go boating.

If the mother has gathered all the necessary material to teach French and mathematics at sea, it is “the school of life” that will do its work for the rest.

Dad’s advice

The lovers, calm and visibly serene at the approach of the departure, expect to see goodbye charged with emotions. Fortunately, the technologies and the promise of many to visit them during the trip reassure them.

Jean Legault intends to follow his father’s grand council for the next four years. “He told me that if he had to repeat the trip, he would listen more. His advice: “When you love a place, stay there and enjoy it!”, He reports.


Several formations to fend for themselves

Diesel mechanics, marine electricity, coastal navigation, meteorology, first aid in remote areas

On board for their safety

Satellite phone to receive weather files at sea, liferaft, distress beacons

Several challenges

Navigation during major crossings (including one of three weeks without touching the mainland), the management of drinking water and foodstuffs, establish a discipline to do school on the sailboat


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