North Korea: Trump Receives a Letter from Kim Wishing a New Summit

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Donald Trump has received a “very warm” and “very positive” letter from Kim Jong Un, in which the North Korean leader wants to organize “a new meeting” with the President of the United States, announced Monday the White House.

“The main purpose of the letter was to organize a new meeting with the president. We are open to it and we have already begun to coordinate “for such a summit, which would be the second after the historic one in Singapore on June 12, US presidential spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. more details about when or where this meeting could take place.

According to her, “this letter is a new proof of progress in the relationship” between the two enemy countries. She also hailed “progress” on denuclearization and said the military parade without intercontinental missiles on Sunday in Pyongyang was “a pledge of good faith” in North Korea’s nuclear disarmament process.

The Trump administration, which has been optimistic since the Singapore summit, for the first time expressed dissatisfaction by canceling in late August a trip to Pyongyang US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo because of insufficient progress on the atomic front.

Since then, Kim Jong Un has again addressed a soothing message, as well as this letter that Donald Trump had revealed the existence of late last week, before receiving formally, posting in return a renewed optimism.

“At the end of the day, it will always be better if the two leaders meet. Mostly on the North Korean side, most decisions will have to go through Kim Jong Un, “said Sarah Sanders, deeming it” important “that a new summit can be held.


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