No sentence can repair her scars


The drunk driver who hit her three years ago has finally plead guilty.

To mark the three years of the accident, Tina Adams published photos showing her scars.

young woman from the Montérégie who was seriously injured by a drunk driver who admitted to guilt three years after the accident does not see a pain comparable to the nightmare that she will live forever.

“For me, it’s a sentence for life. It will never be finished, I will never be the same. I will always have my scars, “says Tina Adams.

On June 12, 2015, with 0.133mg of alcohol in the blood while the limit is 0.08, Jordan Xavier Taylor was leaving an evening at a Hudson Golf Club.

On his way home, he mowed two joggers, Tina Adams and his friend Alique Langlois, as well as a Hydro-Québec post. He then fled with a friend before being reported by his parents.

If Mr. Langlois will get away with minor injuries, Ms. Adams has permanent damage from the collision.

Like a junk

“He should have confessed his guilt three years ago. He had left me on the side of the road like a junk. All this time, I had to relive the events and I still continue today, “says the 23-year-old.

On June 19, Taylor pleaded guilty to two charges of impaired driving causing injury.

In exchange for his plea, certain charges, including criminal negligence, hit and run and dangerous driving, were suspended.

The 25-year-old man will receive his sentence in September.

“I do not think he’s learning anything if he goes to jail. He must see the pain of the victims in the hospital to understand the impact of his actions, “suggests the resident of Hudson.


Despite some 20 operations, Ms. Adams can hardly move comfortably on crutches because of her leg and hip injuries. In addition to multiple fractures, she was burned by the wire.

Even today, she suffers from moments of confusion and loss of memory because of the head trauma she suffered.

“Every day, every hour is difficult. I have to take painkillers daily. I have to continually rely on others to help me, she says. At times, I feel achalante for my loved ones. “

In court, the chauffeur’s lawyer read a statement outlining the circumstances of the tragedy as acknowledged by the accused.

The Crown took the opportunity to point out that Taylor did not listen to the people there who tried to stop him from driving.

“They even booked a shuttle for the participants. It was preventable, “says the one who studied police techniques at the time, but who had to draw a cross on this career.


The support of her husband Jeffry Judd and her family allows Tina Adams to look forward to the future with optimism despite the difficulties.

To mark the three-year-old accident that took a toll on her life, Tina Adams made a series of photographs with her boyfriend Jeffry Judd to showcase the beauty of her body.

“I wanted to send a message to women that they are all beautiful, regardless of their conditions,” says the young woman.

In her photos she posted on social media on June 12, her scars, crutches and wheelchair were prominently displayed.

“Some people staring at me in the street, not necessarily wondering what happened to me, but rather with a look of disgust. I did not choose to have these injuries, “she says.

“I wish we realized that we are perfect with our imperfections,” says Adams.

Because of her injuries and her rehabilitation, she had to put a stop to her career choice.

Policewoman to teacher

“I will not be able to become a police officer or firefighter, my plan B. It was a goal, now it’s just a dream because of my physical condition,” says the resident of Hudson.

She still hopes to return to school, with a lighter load next fall, to become a physical education teacher.

“I wish I could return to normal life one day,” she sighs.

Since the collision, she has made a point of telling her story to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving.


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