NFL players want to be paid in Bitcoin

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After the BTC’s meteoric revival, NFL players demanded that their salaries be paid in cryptocurrencies, like Matt Barkley and Russel Okung .

Bitcoin attracts NFL players

Bitcoin suffered a lightning strike in the year 2018 with a bearish period that lasted more than 8 months.

Since April, however, investors in Satoshi’s currency have begun to regain confidence with the resumption of the course that has exceeded $ 5000 before exploding to $ 7000 a few days ago.

To testify to this recapture, Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Capital, announced in a tweet that NFL players, including Matt Barkley, had asked that their salaries be paid in Bitcoin.

The same goes for Russel Okung, who supported Barkley’s request by signing his interventions with the message “Pay me in Bitcoin”.

Rising market could convince the NFL

As predicted by defenders of cryptocurrency like Pompliano, Bitcoin would soon wake up by stoking the interests of major investors.

Currently, the attractiveness of these athletes to the cryptocurrency is not considered by the NFL but as the price goes up, the adoption of this method of payment for the entire league is possible.

The aforementioned players are closely following the market evolution and fear a FOMO in this new twist of Bitcoin history .

Knowing that the price of bitcoin has risen from $ 3,000 to $ 7,000 in just 6 months, the trend is likely to be democratized in the sector.

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