New job: how to negotiate your salary like a pro

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Finally! You have received the call you were waiting for and the offer for the job of your dreams has fallen. Big Tesla, downtown penthouse , safari in South Africa because you’ve watched Occupation Double too much ; you think of everything you would like to pay yourself, but for that, you must first negotiate your salary.

Even if you are not in a position of strength, you must be very good at achieving a salary that will meet your basic needs, match your pace of life and most importantly, bind to a job that has a real added value in your CV. Here are 6 items to evaluate during your negotiation.       


Do not accept the first offer. Understood? Take the time to study it instead. According to a study conducted by the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) , 74% of employers have the opportunity to give you an additional 5 to 10%. Be game to ask.        


Ask more, because you have skills, not because your housing costs you the skin of the buttocks. Experiences in competing boxes, network of contacts linked to the domain, impeccable mastery of French and English; put forward your real added value.   

Your market value may also vary from city to city. Some qualities may be highly sought after in a territory and the value of these may increase. Basically, it’s like the price of condos!           


Are not you offered the same number of weeks of vacation that you were given for your past job? Do not hesitate to monetize it or ask for the initial amount of vacation that was allocated to you.   

Also consider floating holidays sometimes offered for medical consultations or educational children, access to telecommuting, flexibility of shifts, etc.          


Your new job does not have as many benefits as the previous one? Know that everything is monetized. All! “Bitch better have my money,” as Rihanna would say.       

Public transportation, phone package, parking pass, expense account for your domain, membership fees to a professional order; these amounts can add up to your salary. The same is true for your group insurance and pension fund: if these are not offered by the boss , make the transposition into money.     


Some small research on the organization and the different types of jobs it offers will allow you to know on which front (s) you can negotiate. Does the company offer fixed salary scales according to the number of years of experience? No stress! Play on your vacation, the end of the year bonus and all the side events.           


Be careful when you negotiate in person. If you do, be sure of yourself, because your hesitations will be heard. Practice in front of the mirror, as at the time of your oral presentations of high school. Many out loud make blatant mistakes: mentioning a minimum wage because that is what they have in mind or accepting an offer that is not appropriate for fear of asking for an additional detail.     

If you wish to avoid confusion, adopt the email. You will be able to take the time to read again. You will also discover your date of entry, your salary, your benefits, your work schedule and the deadline to accept the offer. Black on white, it’s always clearer!

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