Netflix makes a documentary about altcoins

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Bitcoin is making a gradual entry into mainstream news. Its price could be a monumental rebound thanks to a documentary on the altcoins, made by  Netflix . However, other forecasts announce a decline in the market because of the lack of support of altcoins.

Rumors are confirmed

Earlier this year, rumors surfaced about the existence of a documentary produced by Netflix on cryptocurrencies. They begin to materialize with the release of the documentary work “The geeks shall inherit the earth”.

Some images supported by documentary interviews have recently been published.

The official Twitter account of PACcoin released a photo that created the controversy.

“Our Charity Manager, Robin_Matthes and Industry Legend Network Manager were interviewed by Netflix for a new documentary on the effects of Blockchain technology on finance, the third world, technology applications and more”, can we read in the tweet of February 14th.

Bitcoin will not be the focus of the Netflix documentary, it will evoke all other crypto-currencies and tokens.

An average person recognizes Bitcoin as cryptocurrency, but associates it with drug trafficking, money laundering and swindling. The general public needs more information on the subject to recognize the growing potential of virtual currencies and the Blockchain, to take advantage of it.

Other companies seem to follow the Netflix movement. Decipher Media is mounting a documentary on the most influential virtual currencies and founders of the emerging sector – including Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin , Bitmain founder Jihan Wu , founder of Tron Justin Sun and founder of Binance Yi He. This includes a video on the revolution of Distributed Ledger Technology .

Conditioned by the market

Although the news on the Netflix documentary has garnered real public attention, the market could experience a significant decline if the altcoins do not provide sufficient support over the next few weeks.

Compared with the domination of Bitcoin on the current market, the gap between the cryptocurrency number 1 and the altcoins could widen more well than this theory is unlikely.

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