Nate Thompson, the quiet strength


The striker had a say in the last two triumphs of the Canadian

The role of Nate Thompson may seem obliterated. Nevertheless, he is an important part of the team. Friday night, the way Kirk Muller congratulated him, to the sound of the siren, demonstrates it well.

Since the beginning of the campaign, the testimonials of appreciation to him follow one another in the entourage of the Canadian. Elder of a cloakroom younger and younger, the center of 35 years is a quiet force. It is said that it brings experience and stability. 

His contribution can be measured elsewhere than by his performances on the ice, he had his say in the last two triumphs of the Canadian.  

Against the Rangers, he was right Claude Julien, who had taken the gamble, towards the end of the game, to meet Nick Cousins ​​and Nick Suzuki. The veteran gave the Habs victory by scoring only the eighth winning goal of his career. 

Three days earlier, Thompson ended the Islanders’ final efforts by winning the important defensive playoff that would allow Shea Weber to seal the Canadian’s win with a goal in a deserted net. 

Julien’s man of confidence in this type of situation, he had a similar role during the win against the Kings in early November. Faced with Anze Kopitar three times, he had prevented him from winning clear face-offs, which allowed his team to have valuable seconds each time. 

Max Domi unequal

If Thompson’s work is appreciated, Max Domi’s work begins to irritate the Canadian driver. In the corridors of Madison Square Garden, he did not want to comment on the match of the number 13, arguing that he did not want to “talk about individuals”. 

It must be said that Julien believed to be able to revive him by offering the position of Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the center of Joel Armia and Artturi Lehkonen. Okay, Lehkonen would have trouble keeping the puck in a handball goal. But the dissatisfaction at Domi’s expense goes beyond the score sheet. 

Although he has been back in the center for a few games, the Ontarian still does not seem to be on his plate. His failure before is anything but supported, he gets up when he is upset, and his game in defensive territory is rather deficient. In fact, some would say that he has the cord of the heart lying around somewhere. 

We understand better Marc Bergevin’s reluctance to renew his agreement. At this rate, Domi, who is receiving $ 3.15 million this season, will have difficulty demanding a salary increase. 


In addition, it was pointed out that the Canadian was back in second place in the Atlantic Division after his victory over the Rangers. What a feat, despite the sequence of eight games without victory he has recently crossed!  

Before getting too excited, it would have taken the trouble to look at the ranking a little closer. 

With 46 points, the Bruins are already an impressive step ahead of their seven rivals. Behind them, a group of five formations (the Canadiens, Panthers, Sabers, Leafs and Lightning) are only separated by a difference of three points. 

These teams have in common to have experienced some trouble in recent weeks. However, most have the advantage of having played fewer matches than the Habs. The Panthers and Lightning, for example, held respectively Sunday morning, three and four games in hand. 

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