Mystery after the discovery of two dead children hanged in a basement in Pennsylvania


Police officers in Pennsylvania are trying to figure out how two children were killed after being found hanging in the basement of the family home.

Four-year-old Brinley L. Snyder and eight-year-old brother Conner were found unconscious by their mother on September 23rd.

Reanimated by paramedics on their way to the hospital, they were admitted to pediatric resuscitation where they died three days later.

Berks County authorities revealed this week that the two children had been found hanging from a beam in the basement ceiling.

They were each at the end of the plastic dog leash of the family.

Chairs taken in the dining room were found overturned close to the body according to the daily Reader Eagle.

The mother, Lisa Snyder, and her other 17-year-old son allegedly explained to the police that Conner played video games a lot and that he had access to the internet through his Xbox console.

The agents conducted several searches in the residence, carrying console, cell phones, tablets and laptop.

Autopsies have been performed on the bodies of the small victims, but they would not be conclusive at the moment.

The investigation is still ongoing in this file.

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