MyCrypto releases a PC, Mac & Linux application

Crypto News was born in February from a fork of . MEW and MyCrypto are tools for interacting with the Ethereum network; most users mainly use it to store & send their ETH and other ERC20 tokens . MyCrypto has just released an alpha version, allowing to access the services of the framework directly on his computer.

MyCrypto? MyEtherWallet?

When MyCrypto was created, we could already expect different development choices. The name, for example – MyCrypto – showed that Taylor Monahan – the co-founder at the initiative of the split – was probably aiming to extend MEW’s functionality to networks other than Ethereum’s .

Following the fork, we advised you in an article to turn to this new platform rather than stay on MyEtherWallet . This choice was due to the Github repository analysis, which showed that Taylor Monahan’s Github was much more active , and thus likely to be updated more quickly in case of security issues.

It should be noted that the “MyEtherWallet gate” that has occurred in recent days can not be related to a development error from MEW. MEW could not do anything about it because the attack was DNS-related. For example, it was possible to use the services of MyEtherWallet during the hacking, as long as it was an offline use . The Google Chrome plug-in allowed it, this application published by MyCrypto also allows it.

The PC application of MyCrypto

The PC application can be downloaded in alpha version at this address . The application is already partially translated into French.

It is possible to connect in 8 different ways to the Ethereum network. We find the traditional Ledger , Trezor Wallet or Parity . If you do not have a physical or digital wallet yet, do not panic, you can also create a new wallet directly in the app .

Another nice feature is the ability to exchange cryptoactives for other cryptoactives directly in the interface. This is enabled by the partnership between Shapeshift and MyCrypto, a very practical function that tends to make this application a rather complete environment.

In addition to these practical functions, you can:

  • Interact with and deploy smart contracts;
  • Access Ethereum’s Ethereum Name Service ( ENS) to buy or sell a decentralized .eth domain name;
  • Sign and verify a message;
  • Check the status of a transaction;
  • Broadcast a transaction on the Ethereum network;

The application also allows you to choose the node to which you want to be connected. We thus find some nodes on the Ethereum mainnet with that of MyCrypto or Etherscan. You can also connect to the various Ethereum testnets – Ropsten, Kovan, Rikeby – and even the main Ethereum Classic or Ubiq ! MyCrypto is no longer limited to Ethereum, we were warned.

We are still far from a stable version since it is still only an alpha version, but it is already very promising. MyCrypto is planning to release a new version on May 25th . We welcome the initiative that contributes to the democratization of this new world, by creating intuitive interfaces accessible to all .


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