Monex Group asks to join Facebook’s Libra project

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At a time when Facebook was most in need of proving its ambition to create a decentralized platform and a “non-sovereign” currency, Monex Group , a Japanese financial services giant has filed its solicitation letter to join the closed circle of future companies responsible for the conduct of the Libra.

Monex wants to integrate the management of Facebook Libra

About twenty large companies are currently the management group of Facebook’s future digital currency, the Libra.

Visa, Mastercard, Uber , and other partners signed up for $ 10 million to become network management decision makers prepared by the social media giant.

Recently , it was Monex Group, the securities brokerage company based in Japan, which filed its expression of interest with the Libra.

Great potential

Monex Group is an ambitious company that sees the Libra project as a lever for economic and technical development. In a statement, Oki Matsumoto, president of Monex Group, said the Libra had great potential and Monex would wait for Facebook’s endorsement before making its membership decision.

The application submitted by the financial platform will be examined before obtaining a favorable answer or not by the end of the summer.

On this, Monex can already prepare its ground to lead a fierce battle alongside Facebook to create the Libra , heavily criticized by regulators and political institutions.

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