MIT professor works on Facebook’s cryptocurrency

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Christian Catalini , a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), would work on the development of Facebook’s cryptocurrency .

Catalini asked for the “Facebook Coin” project

The ambitions of the largest social network in the world in terms of cryptocurrencies are growing day by day. Having unofficially announced its billion-dollar investment plan for its own digital token, Facebook would solicit the expertise of leading cryptocurrency technicians to implement it.

Thus, Catalini would participate in the creation of Facebook Coin.

The latter would be one of the most sought after researchers in the sector.

He reportedly recently collaborated with Joshua Gans, the professor at the University of Toronto, to publish a report on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) .

Facebook advances discreetly towards cryptocurrency

The crypto project developed behind the scenes of Facebook does not fail to ignite the debates in society.

Some praise his initiative, like the New York Times who said Facebook “is hoping to succeed where Bitcoin failed,” while others fear a dangerous monopoly, why Facebook does not celebrate its ambitions.

Even today, no revelation has been made about the work of Catalini, but it seems that it has the skills to lead Facebook to success.

In addition, the MIT professor allowed the institute to raise $ 500,000 to distribute BTC $ 100 to students in 2014.

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