Mike Ward: “I healed myself as a drink”


The comedian Mike Ward does nothing like the others, even when it comes to treating a depression he says he overcame by drinking alcohol.

“I was cured for drinking,” he told Paul Arcand on ” Secret Conversation ,” aired Sunday night at TVA. I had to take a hundred drinks a week. “

The controversial humorist mentioned that this depression came as a result of the lawsuit brought against him by Jeremy Gabriel and his mother, a cause that he finally lost and that even his audience evoked constantly.

“It did not stop anymore. I had more fun on stage, more fun in my life. I had a depression that lasted about a year and a half, Mike Ward said. I was tired all the time. Everything became a burden. “

He was afraid of not being able to redo his humorous humor.

“For me, it’s like bringing Vin Diesel to court because it’s heated up fast. It made no sense, “he said in an interview.

So he started canceling shows and he took refuge in the vodka. “I did not feel like consulting. I should have consulted, but the comedians I knew who had mental health problems and were healed, they often lost their sense of humor. I was afraid of being less funny afterwards. “

Whoever drinks “more sensibly” has acknowledged that he is an alcoholic.

“I was, but now I’m not,” said the diabetic. I do not drink every day. And I do not feel a need to drink, and I drink because it makes me happy. But it’s a form of alcoholism, “said the comedian who spent a month without drinking recently.


He admitted that with hindsight, it would surely have been wiser for him to come to an amicable agreement with Jeremy Gabriel and his family instead of going to trial.

“It would have been so much easier for my mental health, the money side, and for my career to just pay when the [Human Rights] commission asked me to pay, but I found it important to fight,” he said. said the man who does not have hostility against the Gabriel family.

“The joke, it did not come from a bad place. My intention was not to hurt the child. I regret that it came out the same, he said. I have always tried to be inclusive with my humor and not to take pity on anyone, but that tip has not paid off for me. “

For the rest of his career, Mike Ward says he does not want to soften or radicalize and go to war as Dieudonné did to Jews in France.

“If I get back to court, I will either become more cautious or just leave Quebec,” he said.

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